Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Patriotism for man

Patriotism is a feeling of love for ones country. When a person is inspired with patriotic spirit he is ready to sacrifice everything for the country and the countrymen. A man with patriotism is ready to defend his country at any cost even at the cost of his own life.
A man with patriotism is respected by all but a man without patriotism is hated by everyone. Patriotism is great virtue. But patriotism is not a thing of exhibition or utterance. During our liberation war, people from all walks of life took part in the war in the face of countless odds and hazards. At that time peasants, workers, day laborers, soldiers, students, public servants, businessmen, doctors, engineers, journalists, artists and all participated in the war because they were inspired with patriotic feelings in spite of risks of lives.
They dreamed for a motherland where there will be rule of law, even distribution of wealth and where social justice will prevail and at the same time every one will enjoy equal rights.
Many nationalist leaders inspired by patriotism brought freedom for his country and countrymen. Similarly, they came out successful in bringing freedom from hunger, poverty and thus developing his nation at a great speed. If a political leader, no matter, great or ordinary does not have patriotic feelings. He will always try to satisfy his own desire by earning money. As a result, he will think only for himself and his party men and his country will never develop. a real politician will dedicate his own life for the greater interest and better welfare for his country. Such a man with patriotism will devote himself to the prosperity and progress of his countrymen.
We have spent about forty years since we became independent. But we could not achieve real freedom-freedom from poverty, freedom exploitation and oppression. Most of the dreams of the freedom fighters are still unfulfilled. We could not build an exploitation free society. Moreover, we could not yet establish social justice, equity, humanity and rule of law in our society.
The politicians are not thinking for the misery and suffering of the people. They are hankering after power and wealth. Under such circumstances, only the politicians with patriotic feelings can change the lot of the country and the people. Without patriotism no nation can make progress 

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